10 TOP Dojo Multiple choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

Top 10 most frequently asked Dojo Multiple choice Questions and Answers

Dojo Objective Questions and Answers List

  1. Which of the following platforms does Dojo Toolkit run on?
  2. Who developed Dojo Toolkit?
  3. What license is Dojo Toolkit distributed under?
  4. Which of the following genres does Dojo Toolkit produce?
  5. Netbeans and Eclipse are ________ while there are community-versions of both Aptana and Komodo.
  6. Dojo widgets are components — comprising JavaScript code, ________ markup, and CSS style declarations — that provide cross-browser, interactive features:
  7. For ________ development using Dojo, one can use the open source WaveMaker Visual Ajax Studio.
  8. It works across existing web browsers, including Internet Explorer, ________, and Safari.
  9. Dojo Toolkit is an open source modular JavaScript library (or more specifically ________ toolkit) designed to ease the rapid development of cross-platform, JavaScript/Ajax-based applications and web sites.
  10. Zend Technologies, the company behind the ________ core, has announced a partnership with Dojo, to incorporate it to the Zend Framework[8]

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