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DHCP Objective type Questions and Answers List

1. What is the purpose of the DHCP server?
2. How is the message sent from a PC2 when is first powers on and attempts to contact the DHCP Server?
3. What is the default behavior of R1 when PC1 requests service from DHCP server?
4. Refer to the exhibit. Which rule does the DHCP server use when there is an IP address conflict?
5. How does a DHCP server dynamically assign IP address to host?
6. Which two tasks does the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol perform? (Choose two)
7. Which statement is correct regarding the operation of DHCP?
8. Which statements are true about the DHCP quarantine method? (Select two.)
9. A ProCurve 3500yl switch is connected to port 1 of a ProCurve NAC 800 and a DHCP server is connected to port 2. The DHCP Which configuration task is applicable to the ProCurve NAC 800 inline quarantine method?
10. What is an important factor to consider when deploying the ProCurve NAC 800 using the DHCP quarantine method?
11. A network is configured to support a ProCurve NAC 800 operating with the DHCP quarantine method. How does an endpoint transition from a quarantine IP address to a non-quarantine IP address after passing integrity testing?
12. A network is configured to support a ProCurve NAC 800 operating with the DHCP quarantine method. The NAC 800 is located between a ProCurve 3500yl switch and a DHCP server. How is DHCP traffic processed when an endpoint, that is currently unknown to the NAC 800, sends a DHCP request for an IP address?
13. A ProCurve 5406zl switch is connected to port 1 of a ProCurve NAC 800 and a DHCP server is connected to port 2 of the NAC 800. You are planning to deploy the ProCurve NAC 800 with the DHCP quarantine method using a shared subnet approach. Which configuration requirement must be satisfied?
14. You are configuring a ProCurve NAC 800 to operate using the DHCP quarantine method. Which parameters are specified when adding a quarantine area? (Select three.)
15. _____ Sets an alias for a host name
16. (Assignable IP range – is
17. _______ : Declares the host that’s the most authoritative for the zone and, as such, is the best source of DNS information for the zone.
18. which is the type of DNS Scopes
19. _____. Is the process of placing timestamps on dynamically registered records
20. which IP range is to /
21. _________ indicates that the DHCP server is authorized and active
22. _______ DNS tab to perform basic tests of name resolution
23. Connection Oriented Protocol for end-to-end communication is called
24. DHCP audit logs are stored in ________
25. DHCP ____ _______ occur every 60 minutes
26. DHCP servers dynamically update ____________ on behalf of clients using secure updates
27. ________ DNS tab for detailed troubleshooting
28. ______ interval is the period after the no-refresh interval during which the timestamp can be refreshed.
29. ______ interval is the period after the timestamp is set that must elapse before refresh can occur.
30. _____ – on server, server is not authrozied in Active Directory
31. internetworking protocol for routing packets over a network is called___________
32. ____________ scope is needed for Assigning Class A, B, C IP addresses and related network settings
33. ______ Maps an IP address to a host name for reverse lookups
34. Dynamic DNS clients register their A records using a ______ method
35. _____ is used to determine the IP address of a computer from its FQDN
36. Name server designated as the recipient of forwarded queries is known as _______
37. what is %systemroot%\System32\DHCP
38. _______ is used for assigning Class D IP addresses and related network settings
39. Every DHCP server must have at least one active scope to grant leases to clients
40. which Displays entries in DNS cache
41. _____is the process of deleting outdated (stale) resource records.
42. _________Refreshes leased IP addresses and re-registers DNS
43. _____ is used to determine a computer’s FQDN from it’s IP address
44. _______ is used as containers for scopes
45. _____ Maps a host name to an IP address.
46. which Identifies with parts of the IP adddress belong to the network ID and which parts belong to the host ID.
47. what is DHCP 044?
48. what is DHCP 003?
49. _______netsh dhcp server scope add exclude range
50. what is DHCP 006?
51. what is DHCP 066?
52. what is DHCP 046?
53. which Installs DHCP on a server core?
54. what sc config dhcpserver start=auto will do?
55. which net starts dhcpserver?
56. what is DHCP 015?
57. what is DHCP 067?
58. _______CLI server core install DHCP server role
59. which configuration net start dhcpserver can set various options (such as address, DNS srv) for DHCPv6 clients
60. which option lease duration only to remote access clients?
61. one or more addresses within scope range that will not be leased to clients is called____________
62. which specifies domain name for DHCP clients to use for resolving unqualified names; also allows clients to perform dynamic DNS updates
63. Which CLI server core start dhcp as service on bootup?
64. Alternative to static IP which maps dhcp client MAC address to specific IP address within DHCP scope is called______________
65. which range of IP addresses defining a single subnet; must be continuous range?
66. which Server-level options are inherited at scope-level & reservation level?
67. _________can be wired (lease: six days); wireless (lease: 8 hrs)
68. list of IPv4 addresses of gateway routers for subnet is __________
69. in AD domain, DHCP server doesn’t issue addresses to clients unless it is _________________
70. which enables DHCP for host?
71. which CLI server core launch dhcp

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