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Siebel CRM Objective type Questions and Answers List

1. Which Siebel feature enables you to automatically apply a discount to a customer’ s order when the customer adds both a printer and replacement ink cartridges to their online shopping cart?
A. Siebel Workflow Policy Program
B. Action Sets
C. Siebel Assignment Manager
D. Rule Sets
Ans: B

2. You currently have a Siebel Operation step in a Workflow Process that updates SR priority from Low to High. You now want the Sub Process step to change the priority to Very High rather than High. How do you change this detail?
A. Double-click the Siebel Operation step in the Process Designer
B. Delete the step and replace it with a new Sub Process step
C. Right-click the Siebel Operation step in the Process Designer
D. Double-click the Sub Process step in the Process Designer
Ans: D

3. Which of the following is an Enterprise Component Group that should be enabled prior to running Siebel Workflow?
A. Workflow Process Batch Manager
B. Workflow Action Agent
C. Workflow Monitor Agent
D. Workflow Management
E. Workflow Process Manager
Ans: D

4. Which of the following is NOT an option with Siebel Workflow’ s Wait Step?
A. Pause a process for a specified amount of time
B. Pause a process until a specified runtime event occurs
C. Include a restart parameter in the process
D. Include a timeout parameter in the process
Ans: C

5. If an applet has five associated Rule Sets, and the first three rule sets will not return any data for the current user, but the last two rule sets will, how many rule sets are evaluated for this user?
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 5
Ans: A

6. How can you tell if your connectors in a Siebel Workflow process are successfully connecting the steps as you create the Workflow process? Choose two. A. The two ends of the connector will be white in color
B. By running the process using Process Simulator
C. By right-clicking the connector line
D. The two ends of the connector will be red in color
Ans: B,D

7. Which of the following describes .dx files?
A. Transaction files transferred between the Server and Mobile Client
B. Temporary files that are automatically purged upon application exit
C. Directory files used by Siebel to organize physical file directories
D. Log files used for troubleshooting EIM process errors
Ans: A

8. What is stored in the S_DOCK_TXN_LOG table in the Server Database?
A. Before and after images of data
B. A list of transactions performed while docked
C. All of the data that is changed during a remote session
D. Remote user information
Ans: A

9. In the first time set up of mobile users, what must you do before data can be loaded in the Mobile Client’ s local database?
A. Run the dev2prod.ksh script
B. Create the database schema for the local database
C. Copy the Siebel Database file to the mobile client
D. Copy the .cfg and .srf file from the server to the mobile client machine
Ans: B

10. Which server task creates the Docking\User directory on the Siebel Server for a new Mobile Client?
A. Transaction Router
B. Generate New Database
C. Synchronization Manager
D. Database Extract
Ans: D

11. What does the Transaction Merger server task do when it encounters a Duplicate Conflict? Choose two.
A. Merges the two records together into one record
B. Adds the duplicate record and sets a flag to indicate that duplicates exist
C. Does not add the duplicate record and logs the conflict in the remote status log
D. Notifies the mobile client of the duplicate
Ans: B,D

12. When does the Transaction Merger server task override the MRG: System Conflict Resolution system preference?
A. Never
B. When a Duplicate Conflict occurs
C. When an Update Conflict occurs
D. When a Delete Conflict occurs
Ans: D

13. What action is recommended if a mobile user is going to be unable to synchronize for an extended period of time (leave of absence, for example)?
A. Change the synchronization frequency
B. Modify the views assigned to the mobile client
C. Set a new effective end-date for the mobile client to deactivate it
D. Remove the mobile client’ s local database completely
Ans: C

14. When initially preparing your target environment for migration, which of the following tasks should you complete? Choose three.
A. Check out projects that were changed in development
B. Create user accounts
C. Install any required client software
D. Install database and server software
E. Copy the .srf file to server and clients
Ans: B,C,D

15. What is dataexp.exe used for when migrating environments?
A. To generate a data merge file that contains user and seed data
B. To create flat files containing data from non-EIM tables
C. To create flat files containing data from EIM tables
D. To generate a compressed copy of the source database
Ans: D

16. Which of the following must you do to reactivate a mobile client? Choose two.
A. Perform a database extract
B. Create the mobile client DOCKING sub-directory on the server
C. Add the server name to the DockConnString line of siebel.cfg
D. Remove the end date for the mobile client
Ans: A & D.

17. Which of the following tasks can you perform in the Catalog Manager?
A. Set permissions for Web Catalog items
B. Manage privileges and rights given to groups and users
C. Set authentication options
D. Manage Web groups and users
Ans: A

18. In workflow, using which of the following step you can invoke assignment manager
A. Business Service
B. Sub-Process
C. Siebel Operation
D. Decision Point
Ans: A

19. Which server component must be running for a siebel remote client to work:
A. Transaction Processor
B. Synchronization Manager
C. Transaction Router
D. Transaction Merger
Ans: B

20. You have a Workflow process that evaluates the age of Service Requests and updates the priority of Service Requests that are more than a week old. Which Siebel Workflow step type are you using to change the priority of the Service Request?
A. Siebel Update step
B. Siebel Operation step
C. Decision Point step
D. Sub Process step
Ans: B

21. The Expression Designer is used to define which of the following types of expressions?
Ans: B,D

22. When an expression is validated, both the syntax and logic are checked.
A. True
B. False
Ans: b

23. At run-time, the system evaluates personalization expressions. Which of the following is NOT true of the evaluation results?
A.The view and applet displays because both view and applet expressions evaluate to True
B.The link to the view is not available even though the applet expression evaluates to True because the view expression evaluates to False
C.The view and applet displays even though the applet expression evaluates to False because the view expression evaluates to True
D.The link to the view is not available because both view and applet expressions evaluate to False
Ans: C

24. Personalization expressions override Responsibility in determining whether a user should see a view.
A. True
B. False
Ans: B

25. How are Personalization Expressions applied?
A.The Application administrator associates expressions with the appropriate Responsibility
B.A property is set on the appropriate view or applet
C.The Personalization administrator associates expressions with views and applets
Ans: C

26. Which of the following is NOT true of a rule set?
A.Consist of one or more rules which are evaluated in sequence
B.Defines an expression that is displayed in a salutation applet
C.Control the content of an applet based on personalization profile attributes, content attributes, and other factors
D.Defines an expression that acts as sort specification
Ans: D

27. Which of the following are actions that can be added to an action set? Pick THREE.
A.Invoke a method on a business service
B.Run a business service
C.Set a profile to a new value
D.Monitor an event
Ans: A,B,C

28. If an exclusion expression evaluates to True, that record is NOT included content, even if the inclusion expression evaluates to True.
A. True
B. False
Ans: A

29. Which of the following is NOT true of how rule sets are evaluated?
A.Evaluated in the specified sequence
B.Only evaluated if its conditional expression evaluates True and Start Date and End Date, if set, are appropriate
C.All rule sets are evaluated before determining content
Ans: C

30. Which of the following is true of Personal Salutations? Pick THREE
A.Appear at the top of the application home page
B.Scripted in rule sets
C.Salutation text can contain HTML tags to provide formatting
D.Can use only one rule per salutation
Ans: A,B,C

31. Siebel eConfigurator, ePricer, and eAdvisor are collectively known as what?
A. Siebel MidMarket Edition
B. Interactive Selling Suite
C. Siebel Employee Applications
D. Siebel Sales
Ans: B

32. Which entity represents a person external to your company?
A. Customer
B. Party
C. Contact
D. Person
Ans: C

33. Which entities always belong to a team? Choose three.
A. Activity
B. Opportunity
C. Contact 1
D. Account
E. Service Request
Ans: B,C,D

34. Which type of product is an internal application used by employees and partners?
A. Employee Application
B. Partner Application
C. Customer Application
D. Employee Partner Application
Ans: A

35. An Employee Application has the following characteristics? Choose two.
A. Used by employees only
B. Used by employees and partners
C. Internal application
D. Used by employees and customers
Ans: B,C

36. Marcel found out the area code of his contact, Céline, has changed from 912 to 440. Which of the following is the easiest way for him to change Céline’ s area code?
A. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, delete it, and create a new record
B. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, go to the detail applet, change the area code
C. Find Céline’ s record in the All Contacts Across Organizations View, delete her phone number from a primary list, and input the new one
D. Find Céline’ s record in the My Contacts View, delete her phone number from a primary list, and then input the new number
Ans: B

37. Which of the following objects is used to retrieve data from the database?
A. View
B. Business Object
C. Business Component
D. Database table
Ans: C

38. How many Business Components can a single list or form Applet reference?
A. Two (if using a toggle)
B. One
C. Unlimited
D. Eight
Ans: B

39. Complete this statement: A business object contains information about the _________
between business components.
A. Differences
B. Similarities
C. Shared properties
D. Relationships
Ans: D

40. Which of the following statements is true?
A.Form applet data comes from only one table
B.Form applet data may come from many tables and columns
C.Form applet data may come from many columns in a single table
D.Form applet data comes from only one column in a table
Ans: B

41.Complete the following statement. A set of related applets may be displayed in a __________.
A. Business object
B. View
C. Screen
D. Business component
Ans: B

42. Which applet type may simultaneously display more than one record?
A. List
B. Form
C. Child
D. Detail
Ans: A

43. On a Mobile Web Client using disconnected processing, how is HTML delivered to the browser?
A. The HTML is pulled from the Web cache on the Mobile Web Client
B. It is not possible for a disconnected client to receive Siebel HTML pages
C. The local Web Server with SWSE delivers the HTML to the browser
D. The Mobile Web Client must synchronize to receive the HTML from the Siebel Web Engine
Ans: C

46. What is the purpose of the Siebel Monitoring Account?
A. Used to monitor database capacity and alert DBA when approaching designated thresholds
B. Used to run Enterprise Server processes and components
C. Required to run Windows processes or start UNIX daemons
D. Required by Resonate Central Dispatch connection brokering software
Ans: D

47. Which of the following is NOT a valid task when installing and verifying the Enterprise and Siebel Servers?
A. Invoke the installation program and follow the installation steps
B. Run the install.ksh script
C. Verify that the Windows Service and Unix daemon process is started
D. Inspect the SESsetup.log file in the Siebel root directory
Ans: B

48. How might you verify repository data after installing the Database Server?
A. View the SESsetup.log file in the Siebel root directory
B. Verify that the Windows Service and Unix daemon process is started
C. Run the imprep.ksh script
D. Run a query to count the records in the S_VIEW table
Ans: D

49. What function does the Siebel Web Engine perform when it receives a URL with a Siebel
A. Gathers templates and data and builds an HTML page
B. Displays the HTML page on the client’ s computer
C. Provides access to, and distributes load for Siebel Servers
D. Verifies that the client is using an acceptable browser
Ans: A

50. What happens when a user enters a URL for a Siebel application into a Web browser?
A. The Browser retrieves the appropriate templates and the Siebel Web Engine retrieves the data from the database to build the HTML page
B. The Siebel Web Engine recognizes the URL and passes it to the Web Server where the HTML page is built for the user
C. The Web Server retrieves the appropriate templates and the Siebel Web Engine retrieves the data from the database to build the HTML page
D. The Web Server recognizes the URL and passes it to the Siebel Web Engine where the HTML page is built for the user
Ans: D

51. Account is what kind of entity
A. Single Organization
B. Multiple Organization
C. Single User
D. Single Position
Ans: B

52. A potential client, partner and competitor is represented by which entity in Siebel
A. Contact
B. Account
C. Customer
D. Service Request
Ans: B

53. What are the different Business objects layers in Siebel, Choose 2
A. Business Object
B. Business Service
C. Business Component
D. Applet
Ans: A,C

54. In a view if you display an account form applet as the master and the opportunity list applet as the child then what is TRUE
A. Parent business component is used as Account
B. Child business component is used for Account
C. Parent business component is used as Opportunity
D. Child business component is used for Opportunity
Ans: A,D

55. Which of the following is TRUE in a view if there are two applets displayed one list and a detail.
A. It is based on two different views
B. It is based on two different Business Objects
C. It can use only one business component
D. It may use two business components
Ans: C

56. What does Rule set specify for an applet in personalization
A. Order condition
B. Search Specification
C. Set of Actions
D. Set of Events
Ans: B

57. What determines localization
A. Tools Language Mode
B. Siebel Tools
C. Regional Settings
D. OS regional settings
Ans: B

58. What does “GetAttribute(‘Me.Country’) = ‘USA’ tell us
A. Laptop being used is placed in USA
B. Laptops regional setting is set to USA
C. It checks for the address as ‘USA’
Ans: C

59. A Screen is a collection of
A. Applets
B. Business Components
C. Views
D. Business Objects
Ans: C

60. How does Siebel Remote Client connect
A. Through Gateway server
B. Through Domain Server
C. Through Enterprise Server
D. Directly
Ans: A

61. For a global deployment what kind installation one would use, Choose 3
A. Web Client (Browsers)
B. Multiple Siebel Servers
C. Domain Server
D. Database Server
Ans: B,C,D

62. What are following Siebel Interactive Selling suites, Choose 3
A. eConfigurator
B. eChannel
C. eAdviser
D. ePricer
Ans: A,C,D

63. Main Person related data is stored in
Ans: D

64. What is TRUE for Standard Extension Database Column
A. Type is Data (Private)
B. Always prefixed with ‘X_’
C. Provided by Siebel for Developers use
D. Cannot be edited
Ans: B

65. For an assignment rule if you have scores 10 for Product, 15 for Country and 5 for Language, which is the most important criteria
A. Product
B. Country
C. Language
D. All are equally important
E. None
Ans: B

66. Advantage of using MVG, Choose 2
A. Saves Space on the View
B. Within List applet you can display child record
Ans: A

67. For a regional Sales Manager wants to view all the opportunities created by his Sales representatives what view he should use
A. My View
B. My Team’s View
C. All Organization
D. All Across Organization
Ans: B

68. When do you register a Web Template
A. When you create a template file
B. When you place in the proper physical directory
C. When you create an object which refers the template file
D. NOTE: Please confirm this answer from course material
Ans: C

69. Which is the following base table that would get populated after using the sample .ifb file
Ans: A

70. Click the Exhibit, the following is TRUE for the Consumer business component
A. Visibility and Responsibility are the same
B. Multiple View Modes
C. Business Component can be used with only 3 applets
D. Multiple access control Mechanisms
Ans: D

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