20 TOP JMeter Multiple choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

Top 20 most frequently asked JMeter Multiple choice Questions and Answers

JMeter Objective Questions and Answers List

  1. Jmeter is used for ______.
  2. Is Jmeter open source software?
  3. Jmeter is not used for
  4. Jmeter does not support
  5. BSF stands for _______.
  6. Select INVALID configuration element in Jmeter.
  7. Jmeter can be used to test performance of
  8. Stress testing is possible by Jmeter?
  9. Select INVALID timer in Jmeter
  10. Which assertion is not used in Jmeter?
  11. Which is the assertion tests where each server response was received within a given amount of time?
  12. Select Status Code for Page not Found Error
  13. Logic Controllers determine
  14. Select INVALID controller in Jmeter
  15. Select controller which makes the user request run specified number of times
  16. Select processor which executes some action before making Sampler Request.
  17. Select testing which uses multiple systems to perform stress testing.
  18. Jmeter supports all the OS supported by Java application
  19. Timer which delays each user request for a random amount of time.
  20. What is a component of Distributed Jmeter Test

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