26 TOP Codeigniter Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced PDF free Download

Most frequently asked Codeigniter Interview Questions and Answers pdf download free

Codeigniter Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is codeigniter?
  2. What are the features of codeigniter?
  3. Explain Codeigniter File Structure?
  4. Explain Application Flow Chart in codeigniter?
  5. Explain MVC in Codeigniter?
  6. What are the hooks in codeigniter?
  7. How you will load an model in codeigniter?
  8. What are the helpers in codeigniter?
  9. How you will use or add codeigniter libraries?
  10. How you will work with error handling in codeigniter?
  11. How to access config variable in codeigniter?
  12. How to unset session in codeigniter?
  13. How do you use aliases with autoloading models in codeigniter?
  14. How to get random records in mysql using codeigniter?
  15. How to print SQL statement in codeigniter model?
  16. What is the default URL pattern used in Codeigniter framework?
  17. How do you get last insert id in codeigniter ?
  18. How do you set default timezone in codeigniter?
  19. When and who developed codeigniter?
  20. What is current version of codeigniter?
  21. Why is there a need to configure the URL routes?
  22. Explain what is inhibitor in CodeIgniter?
  23. Explain how you can extend the class in Codeigniter?
  24. Explain how you can prevent CodeIgniter from CSRF?
  25. In Which language CodeIgniter is written?

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