30 TOP Codeigniter Multiple choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

List of top 30 most frequently asked Codeigniter Multiple choice Questions and Answers

Codeigniter Objective Questions and Answers List

  1. Base URL can be changed from which configuration file:
  2. Default controller can be set from which configuration file:
  3. Which configuration file is used to autoload resources?
  4. Which one is the business logic in codeigniter?
  5. Which of the following in MVC can connect to database?
  6. In CI, the closing tag of PHP is optional.
  7. Which are false?
  8. Which variable name is incorrect?
  9. The keywords true, false, null should always be in lowercase letter in codeigniter.
  10. What kind of link is this:
  11. The above URl is built on segments.
  12. Which one will be treated as parameter in that URI?
  13. Which one will be treated as method in that URI?
  14. Which one will be treated as controller in that URI?
  15. Which one will control all the segments?
  16. Which are true:
  17. Libraries are created so that they can be reused whenever needed.
  18. Benchmark can be added to model, view and controllers
  19. You can display the amount of memory used by the system by calling:
  20. Which one is not true
  21. Which function is use to set the value of form input box ?
  22. How many parameters are set_rules function ?
  23. Which is extremely useful and even though also optional ?
  24. Which refers to the system of numbering pages-a list of numbered links ?
  25. What correct line of coded loading a view ?
  26. What work in almost exactly the same way as Helpers ?
  27. Which class is used to calculate the time between two points in your application ?
  28. Which key word is used callback function ?
  29. Which of the following is/are false:
  30. CI session contains the following:

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