45 TOP ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers PDF free Download

Most frequently asked ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers pdf download free, Experienced ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers

ETL Testing Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is a Data Warehouse?
  2. What is a Data mart?
  3. What is OLAP?
  4. What is OLTP?
  5. What are Dimensions?
  6. What are Confirmed Dimensions?
  7. What are Fact Tables?
  8. What are the types of Facts?
  9. What are the types of Fact Tables?
  10. What is Grain of Fact?
  11. What is Factless Fact table?
  12. What are Measures?
  13. What are Cubes?
  14. What are Virtual Cubes?
  15. What is a Star schema design?
  16. What is Snow Flake schema Design?
  17. What is Operational Data Store [ODS] ?
  18. What is Denormalization?
  19. What is Surrogate Key?
  20. What are the client components of Informatica 7.1.1?
  21. What are the server components of Informatica 7.1.1?
  22. What is Metadata?
  23. What is a Repository?
  24. What is Data Acquisition Process?
  25. What are the GUI based ETL tools?
  26. What are programmatic based ETL tools?
  27. What is a Transformation?
  28. What are the various tools? Name a few?
  29. What are features of Informatica Repository Server?
  30. What is a Work Flow?
  31. What is the uses of Lookup Transformation?
  32. What are the different sources of Source systems of Data Warehouse?
  33. Types of Slowly Changing Dimensions:
  34. What are Update Strategy’s target table options?
  35. What does a Mapping document contains?
  36. What does the Top Down Approach says?
  37. What does the Bottom Up Approach or Ralph Kimball Approach says?
  38. Who is the first person in the organization to start the Data Warehouse project?
  39. What is a Dimension Modeling?
  40. What are the types of OLAPs ?
  41. What is worklet?
  42. Why we use lookup transformation?
  43. What is a Power Center Repository?
  44. What are snapshots? What are materialized views & where do we use them? What is a materialized view?
  45. Where do we use connected and un connected lookups?

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