60 TOP AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free download

List of top 60 most frequently asked AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers pdf download free

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers List

  1. What is Angular.js?
  2. Explain what are the key features of Angular.js ?
  3. Explain what is scope in Angular.js ?
  4. Explain what is services in Angular.js ?
  5. Explain what is Angular Expression? Explain what is key difference between angular expressions and JavaScript expressions?
  6. With options on page load how you can initialize a select box ?
  7. Explain what are directives ? Mention some of the most commonly used directives in Angular.js application ?
  8. Mention what are the advantages of using Angular.js ?
  9. Explain what Angular JS routes does ?
  10. Explain what is data binding in Angular.js ?
  11. What makes angular.js better ?
  12. Is AngularJS extensible?
  13. Explain what is string interpolation in angular.js ?
  14. Mention the steps for the compilation process of HTML happens?
  15. Explain what is directive and Mention what are the different types of Directive?
  16. Explain what is linking function and type of linking function?
  17. Explain what is injector?
  18. Explain what is the difference between link and compile in angular.js?
  19. Explain what is factory method in angular.js?
  20. Mention what are the styling form that ngModel adds to CSS classes ?
  21. Mention what are the characteristics of “Scope”?
  22. Explain what is DI (Dependency Injection ) and how an object or function can get a hold of its dependencies ?
  23. Mention what are the advantages of using Angular.js framework ?
  24. Explain the concept of scope hierarchy? How many scope can an application have?
  25. Explain what is the difference between angular.js and backbone.js?
  26. Who created Angular JS ?
  27. What is AngularJS?
  28. Is AngularJS a framework, library or a plugin?
  29. Is it same as jQuery?
  30. How can we decrease digest cycle time ?
  31. Does Angular use the jQuery library?
  32. Why AngularJS?
  33. What are the key features/concepts of Angular.js?
  34. Is AngularJS is compatible with all modern browsers?
  35. What is the basic need to start with AngularJS?
  36. How does the AngularJS framework initialize itself?
  37. What is the bootstrapping in AngularJS?
  38. What are templates in AngularJS?
  39. What are directives in AngularJS?
  40. Can we create our own directives?
  41. What are different type or classification of directives?
  42. What is the name of directive is used to bootstrap an angular app?
  43. Can AngularJS have multiple ng-app directives in a single page?
  44. Can angular applications (ng-app) be nested within each other?
  45. Can you bootstrap multiple angular applications on same element?
  46. In how many different ways, you can define a directive and what is the best practice?
  47. Mention some angularJS directives and their purpose?
  48. What is Angular Expression?
  49. How Angular expressions are different from JavaScript expressions?
  50. What is compilation process in Angular?
  51. What is scope in AngularJS?
  52. What is $rootscope in AngularJS?
  53. What are controllers in AngularJS?
  54. What is the difference between $scope and scope in AngularJS?
  55. What is MVC Architecture in AngularJS?
  56. Can we have nested controllers in AngularJS?
  57. In case of nested controllers, does the $scope object shared across all controllers?
  58. What are different ways of bootstrapping AngularJS?
  59. What does SPA (Single page application) mean?
  60. How can we create a custom directive in Angular?

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