60 TOP COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS LAB VIVA Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced pdf free Download

COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS LAB VIVA Objective type questions, COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS LAB VIVA Questions and Answers for experienced


1. Define Modulation.
2. Need for modulation.
3. Define AM.
4. Merits and demerits of AM.
5. Applications of AM
6. Define FM.
7. Merits and demerits of FM.
8. Applications of FM
9. Differentiate between AM and FM
10. Define pulse modulation
11. Define PAM.
12. Define PWM.
13. Define PPM.
14. Differentiate between phase and frequency modulation
15. Define pulse code modulation (PCM).
16. Define delta modulation.
17. Define adaptive delta modulation.
18. Distinguish between DM and ADM.
19. Define ASK, PSK and FSK.
20. Differentiate ASK and FSK.
21. What is meant by PLL?
22. Applications of PLL.
23. Define pre-emphasis & de-emphasis.
24. Why is ASK called as ON-OFF keying?
25. What are the advantages of digital transmission?
26. What is meant by frequency synthesizer?
27. Applications of frequency synthesizer.
28. What is meant by line coding?
29. Define polar encoding.
30. Define bipolar encoding.
31. Define unipolar encoding.
32. Define Manchester encoding.
33. Differentiate between RZ,NRZ,NRZI,AMI codes
34. Explain about error detection and error correction.
35. Purpose of error control coding.
36. Explain ARQ,FEC.HARQ
37. What is sampling?
38. State sampling theorem.
39. What is aliasing?
40. How to avoid aliasing effect.
41. Define Nyquist Criteria.
42. Purpose of sampling.
43. Explain TDMA.
44. Explain FDMA.
45. Explain CDMA.
46. Explain SDMA.
47. Differentiate between TDMA,FDMA,CDMA,SDMA
48. Merits and demerits of TDMA
49. Merits and demerits of FDMA
50. Merits and demerits of CDMA
51. Merits and demerits of SDMA
52. Explain about GSM technique.
53. Define dipole antenna.
54. Applications of dipole antenna.
55. Different dipole types.
56. What is meant by balun?
57. Define yagi uda antenna
58. Applications of yagi uda antenna.
59. Define loop antenna.
60. Which antenna is to be used for TV transmission?

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