TOP 10 SAP Webi Interview Questions and Answers PDF

Read the most frequently asked 10 top SAP Webi Interview Questions and answers for freshers and experienced job interview questions pdf

SAP Webi Interview Questions and Answers List

1. What are the different versions of Business Objects that you have worked on?
BO XI R3.1
BO XI R3.2
In year 2011, BO XI 4.0 was introduced and latest version of the tool is SAP BO 4.2.

2. What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x?
Deski is not available in BO 4.x
IDT is introduced to support multiple data sources
Import Wizard is no longer available in BO 4.x
Bo 4.x is 6 layered architecture as compared to BOXI R3 5 layer architecture.

3. How do you migrate Deski to Webi reports in Business Objects?
Using Report Conversion Tool

4. To publish a Webi report created on the top of Universe in BO repository, it should be created on which connection?
Secured connection published to Repository

5. What are the differences between Personal, Shared and Secured connections?
A Personal connection is created by one user and cannot be used by other users. The connection details are stored in PDAC.LSI file.
A shared connection can be used by other users through a shared server. The connection details are stored in SDAC.LSI file in the Business Objects installation folder. However one cannot set rights and securities on objects in a shared connection. Neither can a Universe to exported to repository using a shared connection.
A secured connection overcomes these limitations. Through it rights can be set on objects and documents. Universes can be exported to the central repository only through a secured connection. The connection parameters in this case are saved in the CMS.

6. What is BI Launchpad?
BI Launchpad is a Java or HTML based interface of Business Objects tool to perform analytical reporting and data analysis. You can set the preference for your BI Launchpad which determines which tool interface is launched via Launchpad.
Using Web or Internet Application to access WebI interface via BI Launchpad, you can perform the below tasks −
Create, edit and refresh all the reports in Web Intelligence.
Create and edit all the queries in no data source (Universes) but not BEx queries in Web application.

7. Explain the architecture of Web Intelligence tool?
It is three layered architecture −
Database layer – This layer defines multiple SAP and non-SAP data sources.
Semantic Layer – This layer defines multidimensional data model.
Presentation Layer – This layer defines where data is presented to end users.
Various data sources can be used to create analytical and ad-hoc reports

8. What are the different application modes that can be used in a Web Intelligence tool?
There are three different application modes that can be used to build the queries, create documents and to analyze the reports. When you open an existing reports below modes are available −
Data Application Mode

9. To add, delete objects in a report, applying conditional formatting, applying formulas in report, creating variables, you should open Webi document in which of the following mode?
Design mode with Data

10. What are the different data sources that you can use to create a new Webi document?
Flat files in .csv or .xls format
BEx queries
Analysis View

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